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Room and Equipment Plans

The room and equipment plans provide the means to determing availability at-a-glance. Scrolling forward and back in time and searching for availability of specific facilities may be accomplished with ease.

Multiple bookings

Save huge amounts of time by using the multiple bookings function to input regular meetings.  Flexible input options allow users to define their own patterns for recurring meetings, eliminating the need for repetitive and time consuming data entry.


Meeting Point controls the entire process of meeting room booking, from reserving a room through to requesting catering and equipment, specifying room layout and inviting attendees.  Delays are eliminated and booking conflicts become a thing of the past.

Meeting Point is extremely easy to use, and the software can be up and running in your own office within a day. Our client list includes some of the top 100 companies in the UK, as well as organisations of all sizes from the public and private sectors. To maximise your resources and streamline your room booking procedures, contact us now for a free demonstration, or to discuss the implementation of Meeting Point within your organisation.

Desktop version

Some users particularly smaller organisations find the desktop version more suitable for their requirements. Typically the desktop  variant will be deployed on up to 5 workstations .  For  charitable and social business organisations we offer an entry level 5 user version of MeetingPoint at substantially discounted cost. 

Room Booking

Meeting Point is a powerful room booking software tool aimed at providing busy organisations with secure, real-time control over meeting rooms, equipment and catering facilities.

Offering the ultimate flexibility in facility management software, Meeting Point is supplied in a variety of configurations to fit the needs of widely differing organisations. You may elect to implement Meeting Point as a full-blown web component, allowing meetings to be booked from any location via a web browser without installing Meeting Point on a single desktop.

Multiple Sites

Meeting Point’s multiple site feature enables organisations to access facilities across multiple sites on a wide area network without purchasing additional copies of Meeting Point.  This powerful feature allows bookings to be made at company offices located anywhere in the world.

Queued request mode

Alternatively, the room booking service may be managed centrally; allowing users to record all the details of a booking for subsequent approval or revision by an Administrator.

 This unique feature of Meeting Point offers control over facilities without incurring the burden of recording the details of booking requests within the Admin function.

Visitor management

MeetingPoint  offers a seamless interface with Visitornet, the leading visitor management software product made available by development collaboration with  Kalamazoo Security Print, the supplier.

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