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Tomsk 1999-2001

Research and design of moral collateral microfinance through a new community development bank model in Russia.  Tomsk was the recommended location for the new bank, and was subsequently awarded a USAID regional initiative -- Russia/US Regional Initiative in Tomskaya Oblast -- with the banking model included.  Orphan assistance and emergency food relief were recommended, and included, along with the community bank model -- Tomsk Microfinance Bank.  TMB became self-sustaining in two years and provided for the creation of more than 20,000 small businesses in Tomsk region within five years.  The project has since been replicated throughout Russia, and spread abroad in the former Soviet Union,in 2003, in Tbilisi.

Software development

As long standing development specialists in the area of database  driven systems  based on more than 20 years experience, we can provide a complete design and development service.

We offer contract consultancy skills as  detailed:

  • SQL Database Adminstration
  • Database migration
  • Capacity planning 
  • Pre and Post sales project  management
  • CA Visual Object development
  • ASP.NET with C#
  • DotNetNuke, Drupal and Concrete5 web site development 


Social and microeconomic development

We research and design microeconomic strategy programs targeting poverty and childcare reform. To date these have been 'soft power' initiatives in Eastern Europe aimed at demonstrating the spirit of friendship and compassion to promote peace between nations. In this regard we consider that Peace Is Our Business.

Our business model, designed for financial return with a primary social objective is of investing profit into community development initatives, as descibed on the right of this page.

The model,  tested in 1999 in Tomskaya Oblast, Siberia, Russia as part of a theoretical construct for people-centered capitalism, delivered proof of concept within USAID's experimental framework of regional initiatives in post-Soviet space. 


Economics for Ecology International Scientific Conference in Sumy, Ukraine was started by students of Sumy State University in 1992.

P-CED became involved in 2009 during the 15th annual conference. Our approach was to begin to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of economics for ecology in an overall context of economics in transition. The world economy, including Ukraine's, had been hit hard by the economic meltdown in autumn of 2008.

Crimea 2002-2003

Research and delivery of a development paper for Crimea's repatriated Tatars recommending a strategy based on social enterprise and transformational microfinance lending.

London 2003-2004

Research and publication of a rural broadband strategy plan as a social business approach re-investing profit to CDFIs and social enterprise funding.

Ukraine 2004 -

Research and development of a national strategy for microeconomic development and social enterprise, combining childcare reform, microfinance, affordable broadband  with a center for social enterprise and social innovation fund.

BBC Village SOS 2009

Development of a bid for BBC Village SOS to include a community cafe, wimax broadband network and skills development / business incubator centre as mutually supporting social enterprise based on the P-CED community investment model.

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